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Assist Bangladesh is a completely non-profit organization registered by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is a non-profit and voluntary charity organization.

Although registered as an institution to facilitate activities, it is primarily a voluntary development organization. It was founded in 2012.

As the name ‘Assist Bangladesh’ stands for ‘helping to build a prosperous Bangladesh’, which has its own volunteer staff. Through them the organization manages and Research, Information centers, Libraries, Publications etc.

The current working members of the organization are 30, consist of various level advisors, officers, members and volunteer staff. The organization has been almost entirely funded by the collection and donation of its members.

The organization mainly works on child welfare. In addition to creating opportunities for education among river breakdown areas, pedestrians and disadvantaged children, basic problems including solving health problems are being worked out.

The ‘Manobik school’ run by ‘Assist Bangladesh’ provides their education as well as work-oriented training. It is a work-oriented education training institute run entirely by its own financing and voluntary work.

Apart from this, Asist Bangladesh collects and records biographies of regional liberation war, history of language movement and established people of different levels as part of publishing activities.

Its primary purpose is to create social impact rather than profit. Assist Bangladesh is independent from local and national government, and distinct from the private sector. Charities are the largest single category within the voluntary sector. Others include community benefit societies and co-operatives, not-for-profit community businesses or community interest companies (CICs), credit unions and small informal community groups.



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